Secure SSL Certificates

Secure SSL Certificates are used to secure and encrypt online business transactions, reducing fraud and crime associated with E-commerce. SSL Certificates are also employed to verify that the website you are visiting is the true website of the company you wish to do business with

The cost and ease of obtaining an SSL Certificate normally depends on the level of encryption and trust provided as well as the level of warranty offered by the certification body. Low cost and low level certificates can also normally be issued in minutes as they don’t require the same level of identity verification as more expensive solutions that offer better trust levels. However, if you run a website with only a few transactions per month, then you do not really need to pay thousands for an SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificates listed below are therefore ideal for most websites

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust provides digital security certificates to over 100,000 customers world-wide, making them the second largest provider of SSL Certificates

Product Cost Description Buy
RapidSSL R150 / year Low cost, ideal for most small websites, up to 256bit encryption, issued within hours, $10,000 warranty, 99% browser compatibility Order
QuickSSL R660 / year Same features as RapidSSL, value-branded certificate that is issued within hours Order
QuickSSL Premium R720 / year QuickSSL with $100,000 warranty and dynamic True Site Seal Order