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 Can I access my mail using my web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox?

Yes, all accounts offer access to Webmail.To access your Webmail interface, you need to enter the...

 POP3 Setup on Outlook 2010

To setup your mail account on Outlook 2010, please follow the Tutorial E-mail Account Setup on...

 Can I create an Out of Office message?

Yes you can create an Out of Office message using the Auto Responders feature in cPanelTo follow...

 Can I forward mails from one e-mail address to another?

Yes you can use the Forwarders feature in cPanel to set this up. This is also known as Email...

 Should I use POP3 or IMAP in my mail setup?

Short answer: POP3, because it works best for normal mail users in a home or office situation...